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29 Mar

Raagashree Music & Cultural Organization(Regd) 
Honnavar TQ,
Uttara kannada district,
Karnataka, India – 581334

Ph: 08762329779 (Shivanand Bhat)
Ph: 09482559998 (N.G. Hegde)

Celebration of 10th anniversary of ‘Ragashree Musical and Cultural Organization’

28 Mar

We are pleased to announce that, ‘Ragashree Musical and Cultural Organization’  is celebrating  its 10th anniversary in 2013.
Year 2013 is also being 111th Birth anniversary of our beloved Guruji, shree Vishnu Digambar Paluskar.  
It gives us immense pleasure in inviting all of you to the “National Level Music Ceremony” on Sunday 21st April 2013.

vidushi Anuradha kuber

vidushi Anuradha kuber

We are proud to introduce the National and International level artists in our Program. Vidushi Anuradha Kuber, pune (singer), Sudhamshu kulkarni, Belgaum and Sarnga kulkarni Belgaum(Harmonium Solo), Pandit prasoon chatarji, Goa(Tabala).

sudhansu Kulkarni

sudhansu Kulkarni

We cordially invite all the lovers of the Music, our students, and all Interested people to the program.

When         : Sunday 21-April-2013
Start Time : 3 PM
Where           : Shree Vishnu moorthi Temple Hadinabal, Honnavar

Program details :

Singing : Vidushi Anuradha Kuber, Pune

Harmonium solo: Pandit Sudhamshu Kulkarni and Sarang Kulkarni, Belgaum

Tabala: Pandit Prasoon Chatterji,Goa. 

Please click below Links to Listen Anuradha Kuber.

Pride of Ragashree

28 Mar
  • More than 1500 students started their journey of music in ‘Ragashree’.

  • Many of our students competed in state level and National level Competitions.

  • Students of ‘Ragashree’ participated and won awards in music competition conducted by various regional TV channels.

  • Duo has given about 15000+ program all over.

  • Glory of ‘Ragashree’ includes, teaching Hindustani & classical music to foreign students in the own premises of ‘Ragashree’.

  • ‘Ragashree’ has become popular is the world of music. We are proud to showcase us as ambassadors of  Indian culture.

  • Currently more than 50 students learning in ‘Ragashree’

  • We have offered the students to learn from famous Musicians like Ashwini Bhide Deshapande, Bhaarati vaishampayana, Fiaz Khan,Bharati Pratap and so on.

  • More than 60 programs conducted by the international artists, coordinated by ‘Ragashree’.

  • We are teaching the Economically background people absolutely free of cost.

World of Music

28 Mar


Music has always been an important part of Indian life. The range of musical phenomenon in India extends from simple melodies to what is one of the most well- developed “systems” of classical music in the world. There are references to various string and wind instruments, as well as several kinds of drums and cymbals, in the Vedas. Some date the advent of the system of classical Indian music to Amir Khusro. Muslim rulers and noblemen freely extended their patronage to music. In the courts of the Mughal emperors, music is said to have flourished, and the Tansen was one of the jewels of Akbar’s court.

The great poet-saints who chose to communicate in the vernacular tongues brought forth a great upheaval in north India and the Bhakti or devotional movements they led gained many adherents. The lyrics of Surdas, Tulsidas, and most particularly Kabir and Mirabai continue to be immensely popular. By the sixteenth century, the division between North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) music was also being more sharply delineated. Classical music, both Hindustani and Carnatic, may be either instrumental or vocal.

Who we are, what we are

28 Mar


‘Ragashree’  is a Music and cultural Organization founded by  Vidvan Shree Shivanand Bhat and Vidvan shree N.G. Hegde.

‘Ragashree’  started in year 2002 as a music school in Hadinbal with intention to provide best possible education in Hindustani, Classical,Vocal and instrumental music in the rural India.

To develop an innovative minds and enable each student to get hold of fundamental issues of art towards becoming a leading cultural ambassador of Hindustani Music in society.